Ado Ahmed Gidan Dabino, MON As Sarki Yusufa
Alassan Kwalle As Dan Buran
Aisha Suleiman Cameroon As Fulani Hauwau
Sadiya Adamu Kishiya As Fulani Saadatu
Late Maryam Tahir As Fulani Maryama
Zainab Muhammad As Fulani Gaji
Rabi Sufi As Gwaggo Tawal
Ladi Mutu ka Raba As Yaya Inna
Ladidi Fagge As Jakadiya
Hauwa Ahmad (Uwar Tuwo) As Fattu
Hauwa Musa As Uwar Soro
Sadiya Hassan As Baiwa Lantana

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Juyin Sarauta

One Hausa Proverb says: “the Friday that will be good is obvious from Wednesday. This testifies the vision of great film makers in all the film production centers all over the world especially that of Hollywood in the United StateS of America, Bollywood in Mumbai (Bombay) India and that of Beijing and Shanghai in China as well as Hong Kong in the Far East which says, behind every good film is the “creative concept” the big idea that makes the message distinctive, attention getting and memorable to the large audience.

Ramat Productions and Dogarai Women Films, Juyin Sarauta (The Royal Throne Ascendance) is a film with difference as a medium of enlightenment, entertainment, information and education in the African continent especially south of the Sahara. Juyin Sarauta (The Royal Throne Ascendance) is a film that Hausa people, their culture and tradition. Juyin Sarauta (The Royal Throne Ascendance) a film that was “well crept”. The plot, the characterization and the dialogue are logically crafted to make the story interesting, exciting, entertaining and above all educating. Clearly speaking, the scriptwriter, Balaraba Ramat Yakubu defines her attitude towards her intention as gender activist.

Juyin Sarauta (The Royal Throne Ascendance) depicts Hausa palace intrigues in the early 20th Century. It is a story of how Hausa women influence leadership and society from the confines of the palace.